The Seven Big Myths About the Catholic Church Distinquishing Fact for Fiction about Catholicism

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by Christopher Kaczor

The Roman Catholic Church has long been the target of suspicion and hostility. But how much of this is based on ignorance and prejudice and how much is the fruit of thoughtful consideration of the facts?

This book attempts to distinguish between fact and fiction regarding the Catholic Church. All of the current hot-button topics are addressed: faith versus science, the status of women, the clergy abuse scandals, contraception, and same-sex unions. Without excusing or justifying wrongdoing, the author clarifies the official teachings of the Church on these matters. He then demonstrates that much popular opinion about Catholicism has been based on misunderstanding and misinformation.

For example, in the minds of many, Catholic opposition to same-sex unions is the result of bigotry and hatred. But is this so? What if the Church's teaching on marriage has nothing to do with hatred and everything to do with love—the exclusive, life-long, spousal love between a man and a woman, which finds its ultimate fulfillment in the procreation of children?


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