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Product Image A Spiritual Guide for the Unemployed

A Spiritual Guide for the Unemployed

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by Timothy Mullner DMin

"On June 27, 2009, I joined the 15+ million Americans who were unemployed or underemployed. . . I was left with my family, my faith, a bunch of degrees, and a lot of experience. . . Without my VP title, staff, and expense account--who was I? And where was God calling me on my journey of faith? I was about to find out." --Timothy Mullner Are you unemployed? Underemployed? Join Timothy Mullner on his sometimes-rocky journey of renewed faith after unexpectedly losing his job. In seeking to make sense of his experience while he was out of work, Mullner wrote prayers that helped form the foundation of this book. "A Spiritual Guide for the Unemployed" also offers meditations and questions for you to consider as you seek God anew in your search for new work. A foreword written by Ronald Rohlheiser, OMI, eloquently introduces the work. ...As I read Timothy Mullner's "A Spiritual Guide for the Unemployed, " two phrases kept coming to mind: A symptom suffers most when it doesn't know its identity. And: Not everything can be fixed or cured, but it should be named properly. Using a mixture of poetry and prose, Timothy Mullner names well what happens to us when we find ourselves unemployed. As a physician of the soul, he skillfully connects our symptoms to their real root. Beyond that, he offers valuable prescriptions to help turn the pain of humiliation into renewed personal depth and peace of soul. "A Spiritual Guide for the Unemployed" is a valuable and much-needed book. Ronald Rolheiser, OMI View sample pages. "Paperback"