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Holy Family Nativity, 3 Piece Set , 5" Scale [Fontanini]
Mary's Donkey 3 Piece Set, 5" Scale [Fontanini]
Seated Donkey Figure, 5" Scale [Fontanini]
Seated Ox Figure, 5" Scale [Fontanini]
Jareth The Drummer Boy, 5" Scale [Fontanini]
Seated Camel Nativity Figure 5 [Fontanini]
Shepherd Gabriel Figure with Story, 5" Scale [Fontanini]
Emma, Shepherdess with Lamb, 5" Scale [Fontanini]
Camel with Blanket Figure, 5" Scale Scale [Fontanini]
Micah Figure, 5" Scale [Fontanini]
Jeremiah Figure, 5" Scale [Fontanini]
Aaron Figure, 5" Scale [Fontanini]
Sofi Figure, 5 Scale [Fontanini] 2019 Limited Edition
Carmel, Praying Angel Figure, 5" Scale [Fontanini]
Ox Family Figure, 3 piece set, 5" Scale [Fontanini]
Paul, Shepherd with Sheep, 5" Scale [Fontanini]
Elephant with Blanket, 5" Scale [Fontanini]
The Littlest Angel Figure 2" [Fontanini]
Ari, young Shepherd  5" [Fontanini] Limited Edition

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